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  • Can children walk in the tunnel?
    Yes, children can walk in tunnel accompanied by an adult.
  • What ages is the tour suitable for?
    All ages are ok accompanied by an adult.
  • Is the site accessible to disabled people?
    There are stairs and the route is not accessible.
  • Is the tunnel accessible to strollers?
    הניקבה אינה נגישה לעגלות.
  • Where is the site?
    We are near Moshav Amikam in the Givat Ada-Binyamina area, not far from Zikrhon Ya'akov.
  • Is it possible to walk in the tunnel while standing?
  • Is it possible to go barefoot in the tunnel? Do I need a flashlight?
    Walking in the tunnel is with shoes only. A flashlight is required - and can be purchased at the entrance.
  • What's the water height in the tunnel and the length of the tunnel?
    The depth of the water is about 70 cm, and the length of the tunnel is about 280 meters.
  • Pets allowed inside?
    No. No pets are allowed on the site
  • Is it possible to eat on site?
    It is not possible to eat inside the site. It is possible to eat in the waiting area in the shade, without lighting a fire or electricity.
  • How long is the tour?
    The duration of the tour is 40 minutes, including a short film watch.
  • Is the tour guided?
    Walking in the water tunnel is independent.
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